Our Story…

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Charnay Park’s first memory of becoming interested with fashion began at an early age.  She started playing dress up in her great aunts designer shoes and handbags at the age 4. By the age of 11, Charnay would think of designs in her head and quickly began to sketch the ideas onto paper in hopes of bringing them to life.

When Charnay was in High School, friends would call her to get fashion advice by explaining to her what major event they had coming up such as a birthday party, prom, or a weekend outing.  Charnay would instantly provide examples and explain complete looks, and suggestions as to where to find and purchase the items. By the end of her High School career, and through out college she became the “go-to” person for several individuals style needs.  She enjoyed helping others put together certain outfits that ultimately made them feel good about themselves. While studying different designers, retailers and markets as a hobby, Charnay always knew what style was coming up for the next seasons ahead. To Charnay, a shopping trip was a stress reliever, being able to do so for others while being able to make people genuinely happy and feel more confident was her ultimate goal. At an early age she knew that styling was her passion, and it was only a matter of time before it became a lifestyle.        


International Chic with a Sophisticated Touch.

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After graduating High School, Charnay attended The University of Oklahoma where she obtained both her Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Human Relations. Through her college career, she continued to work in the retail industry and had the opportunity of holding a management position at Saks Fifth Avenue- Off 5th. During this time, Charnay had the opportunity to meet with several Buyers and Merchandisers where she began to understand the industry and fashion market overall. Always thinking ahead, asking herself questions like "What could set her apart from her competition? How could she be unique and distinguished to her customer?  She began to fall in love with Men fashion. All along, she knew she ultimately wanted to follow her calling and enjoy doing what truly made her happy – helping others. During her time as an undergraduate, she would send suggestions and present options of several different looks and clothing pieces to her male friends that she felt complimented them best. Charnay always had a love for inspiring people to try new things, and after working with her male friends; she soon discovered she wanted to become a stylist with an emphasis in Men’s Fashion.

Charnay works with several elite clients such as International Cricket Players, Professional Basketball Players and Football Players. She enjoys styling  Professionals such as Doctors, Attorneys, Investment Bankers, Brokers, Realtors and Local models.